Parables: Follow 4.13.14

This message challenges us to be true followers of Christ.  In order to be his disciples we must be willing to build our relationship with God on the right foundation, do the things he’s called us to do and surrender our very lives.





Parables: Neighbor 3.30.14

“Who is my neighbor?” The more important question that we answer in this message is, “Am I a neighbor?” This message will test the limits of your love and challenge your soul.


Parables: Seed

In order to explain the coming Kingdom of God to the crowds, Jesus used parables about seeds. In this message, we look at our hearts to see if they are fertile ground for God’s word. We also look at our church to see if it is in line with the vision of growth that Jesus gave.


Parables: Prayer

Why do we have such a hard time praying sometimes?

In this message we explore Jesus’ parables about prayer. Maybe our problem with prayer is actually a problem with how we perceive God?



Parables: Mirror

This week we started our new series on the parables of Jesus. The stories that Jesus told the crowds illuminated deep truths about God by using common examples from every day life.

Before we dive deep into God’s character we will use the parables to look deep into our own hearts.  In this way, today’s parable is like a mirror for our souls.


Cyprus Mission Trip Info

Get your passport right away!

Click the link below to download the brochure pdf that Dylan put together.  It looks like an amazing itinerary that will build the church and the faith of whoever can go. Total cost for the 10 day trip should still be around $2000.  A six week stay will be about $3000.  What an amazing opportunity!

Cyprus Missions Trip 2014

And for more info:


The Choice Is Yours

God has given us freewill but it comes at the cost of making big choices.  God’s word or man’s word, Satan or the savior, life or death? What will you choose?


Head Over Heels

Our Valentine’s Day weekend message:

God really, really loves us! But why does it matter if the God who created the universe loves us or not? When we realize how much we are loved we can be reckless in our faith and have great impact for him.


Kingdom Come

We have been given an amazing position in God’s Kingdom.  We are co-heirs with Christ, adopted by the Great King!  Deuteronomy lays out rules for kings at war that we must follow if we are to honor the cursed cross of Christ with our lives.  Listen below:


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