Kingdom Come

We have been given an amazing position in God’s Kingdom.  We are co-heirs with Christ, adopted by the Great King!  Deuteronomy lays out rules for kings at war that we must follow if we are to honor the cursed cross of Christ with our lives.  Listen below:

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ADD: Self Control Women’s Lesson

Crista gave the women an awesome lesson on adding self control to your faith.  Check it out below!


Firework streaks in night sky, celebration background

Celebration: Deuteronomy 14-16

Did you know that the bible commands God’s people to celebrate?  In this message we dive deep into the celebrations of ancient Israel and see how Christ fulfilled them in the most amazing ways.


Poem: Others Will Love You

Mishelle shared an incredible poem with us during communion this Sunday.  May you be encouraged and inspired:


See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 1 John 3:1-3

Isaiah 62:5 As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.



Others will love you

But no one will know you and understand you as I do

For I designed you specifically

So that to me you were perfection


Others will love you

But I will never leave you

I will never withdraw my heart from you

I will never stop pursuing you


Others will love you

But I will protect and defend you, and avenge those who hurt you

I will comfort and guide you through rough and dark places

I will work even in the bad things to bring about good for you


Others will love you

But I have been with you every time you’ve fallen

For every heartbreak and disappointment

I have taken notice of every tear


Others will love you

But I plan to heal you, to make you whole and radiant

To deposit love where you have only known hurt

Joy where you have your deepest sorrow and hope where you’ve given up


Others will love you

But I will never stop forgiving you

Washing you clean, building character in you

And believing in the best in you


Others will love you

But I will bleed for you, and embrace pain and humiliation for you

I will lower myself to nothing to lift you up

I will rearrange time and space that you might seek me


Others will love you

But I will stand in your place

I will volunteer to be beaten, stripped, slapped, laughed at, accused and hung from a tree

Because I would rather die than lose you


Others will love you

But I went to war against Satan to win your heart free

And rose from the dead to give you the power to choose

That maybe you might choose to give your heart fully back to me.


Worship Matters: Deuteronomy 9-13

Does it matter how we worship or just who we worship?  In this message we learn that God cares about how we worship him.

Worship is not just about music and singing.  As disciples of Jesus, we worship with our lives.  Instead of letting the world “sync” our worship, we must take our worship to the world.

Church is not something we go to every Sunday morning.  It’s something we take with us every Sunday afternoon!


The Lord’s Supper

In this message, Sean calls us to remember Jesus as we take communion.  It is so easy for us to thoughtlessly go through the motions as we take communion.  May this sermon refresh our hearts as we commune with the Lord each week!



Watch “Blood Brother” on PBS tonight at 10

It’s not often that I recommend watching TV but tonight is an exception.  Tonight at 10pm on PBS (WKAR 23 in Lansing) is the the world premier of Blood Brother.

It is the story of an amazing disciple of Jesus who literally gave up everything to serve the poor and hurting of India.  Our “Enough” campaign in June will feature this movie and it’s message.

I hope you can all tune in.  If not, we’ll buy the DVD when it comes out next month and have a showing at church soon.

Here’s the trailer for the Sundance Film Festival Best Documentary:

Blood Brother Trailer


ADD: Goodness

We have good friends.  We have good days.  We watch good football games and shop good sales.  Golden Harvest omelets are good.  But what does the bible teach us about goodness?

In this lesson we go beyond the fact that God is good.  Not only is God good, but he is the only good.

It’s time to raise our standard of goodness and “re-good” the good things and good events in our lives.


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