All In 2017

Our church has thrived by focusing on two convictions: High Love/Faith and High Expectations.  We’ve grown a lot in the last 5 years (tripled), so most of our members are new Christians.  We need to help all of our members be true disciples and not comfortable, worldly Christians – this is very difficult with so many new Christians.  

So our new focus can be summed up in two words: All In.  We need to go All In with God, each other and the mission if we are going to be true disciples of Jesus (Luke 14:33).  We need to build a culture in our church where every member is All In.  God will continue to do amazing things (even more amazing things!) as we go All In.

We’ll go All In by focusing on High Love/Faith and High Expectations by applying these two questions to purposefully chosen themes of Christianity:

The question of High Expectations:

  • What does it mean to be All In with each specific theme?

The question of High Faith:

  • What will the outcome be if each of us and our church are all in in this area?


The Themes

Here are the themes we’ve chosen and brainstormed about at our leadership retreat and a rough framework for the dates of each series.  Each series has it’s own page below.  You can change up the order for your churches calendar or needs.

Midweek (Every other Wednesday)

  • Good News
  • Mission Updates (Who’s studying the bible)
  • Corporate Prayer
  • Teach through According to Plan by Goldsworthy
  • Focus on All In A Day’s Work Theme and All In Marriage/Parenting/YoPro/Campus/Cedar – Don’t always need to split up – everyone needs to hear about where everyone else is at – how else do we learn to meet needs?

House Church (Every other Wednesday) – Discipleship happens for every person in the church!

  • Discipleship groups
    • Married groups can split up by gender or as couples or stay together
    • Campus/Singles/YoPros do devotionals or split into smaller groups for discipleship



These themes have been turned into church-wide focuses that last 2 weeks, 1 month or 2 months based on what is needed.  Each focus has preaching topics, activities, events and ways to take learning beyond the pulpit and into the house churches and devotional times for each disciple.  Resources and ideas will be added as we go through the series.  Right now everything is just a general framework.  Feel free to use the themes yourself or your church.  Please leave a comment or contact Joel if you have any ideas or experiences that could enrich our focus of being All In.


Find The ALL IN Theme that works for your church: