All In A Day’s Work

Idea: At “Church” 2-5 hours a week – Sermons on being a Christian all the other times

Complete Christian

Whatever you do, do it as if working for the Lord

All In Family Times

All In Employee

  • Protestant work ethic
  • Practicals for being awesome
  • Part of the 1% vision

Daily Devotionals – the mark of an all in disciple

Hospitality – Serving the church and the lost with your home

Building relationships that bear fruit outside of church

Saved by grace not by works, work out your salvation – how to live a grace filled life

The harvest is plentiful workers are few – every disciples job

Midweek teaching based on lifestyle? More like a discussion

All In Husband

All In Wife

All In Cedar

All In Young Professional

All In Campus

  • Have different people lead these that aren’t the normal lesson givers


Complete Christian Cards (Coloring)

What’s missing?

Work day – at the church or community service

Probably Do This At Midweek