All In All

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength Matthew 22:34ff

Video for each one?


With all your heart

  • The importance of emotions
    • God created us with emotions
    • The train
  • The place of emotions
  • Fire in our souls
  • Fasting
  • Jesus in the desert

With all your mind

  • Apologetics
  • The rationality of belief in God
  • Giving brain space/time to God
  • Memorizing scriptures

With all your soul

  • Having an eternal perspective
  • Connecting to the eternal
  • Ecc 4 – eternity in the hearts
  • Heaven come down

With all your strength

  • What are you putting your energy into
  • Labor, works James 2, Phil 2
  • Strength contest (Arm wrestling or strongest man, video of Charlie)

Look for ways that Jesus did each of these


God’s Character seen through Christ, lived out by Christians

Discipleship times during church – 10 minute small groups with questions and then sharing – let’s get weird!

4 week family devotional series – all on one sheet

  • Heart
  • Mind
  • Soul
  • Strength

Theme Song: All In All