All in on the Mission

Preach 1 Timothy

Missionary Training Activities

  • Luke 10 – Jesus trained his disciples to be missionaries
  • The Church on a Mission Boot Camp
    • Tangible training milestones and a certificate?
  • Intentional, trained, authentic, quality
  • Do it during Sunday church – teach and train – fun military style training with skits
  • Give weekly mission for outside of church – lifestyle evangelism
    • Share with a coworker/classmate
    • Share at a store
    • Share with a family member
    • Ask someone to study the bible
    • Show hospitality
  • Missionary Scavenger Hunt for the month (Scavangelism – Bingo)
    • Put in bingo boards when completed and have some recognition of winners

Easter Sunday/Good Friday Preach End of Mark (Endings)

Train in:

Intentional fellowship – Talking to guest (Use word guests not visitors)

Give a weekly lifestyle mission challenge for outside of the church – goal – make it part of your life

The evangelistic life

The vision of the church – 1% and beyond (Church plantings, Making Lansing weird for Jesus)

When things seem hopeless in the world remember we are the hope for the world

  • Can’t change the world but you can change one life/one family – generational impact



Show clips from missionary movies, talk about the history of Christian mission in tough places – highlight disciples in tough places – David de los Santos – what’s it like to spread the gospel in Sri Lanka

Ryan and Melissa share about Poland

But then always make it about being a radical missionary right where you are like Shamgar


Show Shawn Wooten’s Reach Sermon

Solutions to needs to reveal to the church and build excitement:

First Time Guest Packet/Bag

  • Information card, website/app QR code
  • Survey Card in bag and pews
  • Follow booklet or Examine yourself study
  • Bookmark Calendar
  • ESV Economy Bible
  • Treat

New Member Bag

  • All three study booklets
  • Letter for new members
  • Discipleship and house church info
  • QR code to put address and info in

Festival at the end

huge Great Banquet to bring as many people as possible to – Bring Your Neighbor Day

Need end of service script and offering script – welcomes people