All In: Discipleship

Discipleship is how we live All In lives for Christ.  It is the greatest invitation that humankind could ever receive.  We desperately need truth in our lives but we are incapable of discovering truth on our own.  Jesus comes as the living truth and then he gives the most amazing invitation: to learn the truth from him as his disciples or learners.

Big Ideas to Teach:

The importance of discipleship – without it we are not followers of Jesus

Hunger for discipleship – you have to want it – see the desire of the early disciples

Discipleship In Action: How to actually disciple one another

Discipleship covenant – Go All In for Discipleship

Every person has a partner or group – leaders and members commit to groups

Discipleship happens 2x per month

  • Consistent and Walking Together
    • Not just in a time of crisis
    • Part of your life
    • Use the phone as a phone
  • Loving and Encouraging
    • Not a weekly guilt fest
    • Encouraging is also spurring
  • Bible and Prayer
    • It’s a Godly conversation or it’s a worthless conversation
  • Training and Correction
    • Make tangible goals
    • Follow up
    • Celebrate even small progress and victory (Luke 15)
  • Fun and Celebratory
    • Luke 15

Discipleship happens during House Church and as needed

Do discipleship at church on Sunday – have people break up into groups after the lesson and give questions like the Upper Room – then do communion – like real communion

This blankets all the other themes

Walking with people and teaching theme the scriptures – road to Emmaus



Theme: Jesus and his disciples

Learning All In discipleship at the feet of the Master

Sermon Ideas: Discipleship in Jesus’ Ministry

Discipleship: The Offer of a Lifetime – The call

  • Mark 1 – We need truth, Jesus is truth, he invites us to become his learners

Walking with one another

  • Lessons from the Road to Emmaus
  • Ultimate goal is to make the scriptures mean more in a lasting way

Prayerfulness and the mind of Christ

  • Look at how he got away and prayed and stayed focused
  • Contrast with his disciples who always seemed to be swept up in the moment/emotions
  • Introduce discipleship templates

Jesus disciples Peter

  • Look at his conversations and training of Peter

Teach, send, return, report, teach, send again

  • Luke 10 – Jesus sends the 72

Mount of transfiguration

  • Listen to him
  • Groups of 3 power

God meets needs, discipleship leads us to God

  • Christ’s humility (in John)



How to disciple one another in a house church setting

Template – conversation starter

Work through it together?

Discipleship times

House church

Go beyond the template – training to see needs

Covenant at the end of the series

“My Christian faith will be lived out through discipleship…”


Theme song 

“I have decided to follow Jesus” – Modernized?



Training – Midweek

Discipleship groups at church

Walking together – activity

Individual needs assessment

  • Help people see area they need to grow in
  • Help them not be complacent – discipleship is hope for growth
  • Help them want discipleship more
  • Teach people to help one another get their needs met by God


Discipleship Festival/Celebration at the end