It’s All Good: Finding God in His Creation

Summer – July and August

Sermon Series: It’s All Good Finding God in His Creation

  • Connecting with God – different ways people connect – introduction
  • Genesis 1-3: Perspectives – Are you living in God’s order or Chaos
  • Alternative Creation Accounts in the Bible: Prov 8, Job 39, John 1, Rev 21-22
  • Bearing fruit – Agricultural lessons in the scriptures
  • The amazing human body
  • Biomes
  • Animals in the bible – Balaam’s Donkey, Ravens feeding Elijah,
  • Flesh vs. Spirit – Choosing the animal mind or the mind of God
  • Worship in Creation – trees clap their hands – kids play with snakes – harmony
  • The universe – hubble pictures
  • New Creation
  • Show videos from planet earth, etc…

Special Event: Finding God in Creation

Encourage people to go on vacations find amazing places to pray and read the bible

  • Pick some scriptures that people can try to find the place
  • Take a picture of yourself praying or reading or just the spot (Give examples)
  • Write about your experience of meditating on that passage
  • What did you learn about God?

Goal: Make a coffee table book (Maybe available at Christmas)

Theme song(s): Deeper, Indescribable