Raise the Roof Revelation Marathon

On 10.29.17 Joel preached through the entire book of Revelation (over 12 hours!!) and the church raised over $33,000 for renovations, including a new roof!

You have never heard teaching like this before – It’s awesome!

Revelation: Introduction

Revelation 1:  Hello, My Name is Jesus

Revelation 2-3: Jesus is THE Answer

Revelation 4-5: Heaven on Earth

Revelation 6-8:5: The Seven Seals

Revelation 8:6-11:19: Trumpets and Witnesses

Revelation 12-13: Details from the Devil

Revelation 14: The Fight of Our Lives

Revelation 15-16: From Wrath to Redemption

Revelation 17-19: Easy Religion and the Fall of Empires

Revelation 19-20: Our Chapters

Revelation 21-22: The City of God and the Restoration of ALL Things