Next stop in our To Live Is Christ Theme: The Gospel of Mark. Mark spent time with Paul during his first missionary journey and surely shared stories about Jesus that would become the first gospel. Let’s journey with Mark and Paul and meet Jesus all over again.

Mark 1-2 The Beginning Of The Gospel 2.7.2021 – Joel Nagel

A way through the wilderness, resurrection from the waters of baptism, following and fishing for men. Not just Jesus’ beginning but ours too!

Mark 3-4 Intimacy That Lasts A Lifetime – 2.14.2021 – Kyle Perkins

Jesus was willing to touch the untouchable and love the unloveable. And he’s wants to enter into an intimate relationship that will never end.

Mark 5-6 So You Wanna Save The World? – 2.21.2021 – Joel Nagel

We look at the pattern of Jesus’ world saving ministry in Mark so we can get on our marks, get set up with Jesus, and Go With God to save the world one by one.