Let’s embrace the crazy of 2020 by doing something crazy for special missions! Every fall we collect a Special Missions contribution that benefits churches and organizations that share in our mission to “make disciples of all nations.” Click the links below to learn about these amazing partners in the gospel:

Total Special Missions Goal: $50,000

This year’s theme is “Move For Missions”. As house churches we are going to work together to travel from one end of Kerala, India to the other. The total journey is 280 miles from the church in Kannur in the north to the church in Trivandrum at the southern tip of India. For context the length of Michigan’s lower peninsula is 277 miles from the Mighty Mac to the Ohio/Indiana border. The challenge can also be completed in steps with 2000 steps = 1 mile for a total of 560,000 steps.

Group leaders will be able to use a form to document progress from the group and can organize walks or runs as a group or with others outside of the church group or even the church. This is a great way to share how we are helping people around the world!

Group Leader’s Mileage Form

As your group passes each of the churches, you will receive an email detailing the church and the city with special guest appearances from disciples of Jesus in those cities. When we’ve completed our challenge, we will send a video to India detailing highlights from the experience of walking in their shoes.

Each group has from our Special Missions Kickoff Sunday, September 20th until our final collection on Sunday November 1st to record miles/steps. Anything done on foot counts (walk, run, hike – no biking or kayaking).


  • How do I know how many miles of steps I’ve completed?
    • You can keep track using a fitness watch, tracker, phone app or pedometer.
    • If you don’t have one you can use a car to measure out a route that you will consistently travel (like one mile) and walk it frequently.
    • You can purchase a cheap pedometer here.

  • How do I record my miles/steps?
    • Just text your group leader with your progress at least once every few days and they will submit them
    • They’ll reach out to you so be ready

  • How will I know where our group is (virtually) in India?
    • At LansingChurch.org/missions there will be a progress tracker for all the groups and we’ll highlight places each Sunday at church
    • As your group passes each church you’ll get emailed an update
    • Please take time to pray over each city as you “pass through”

  • What happens if we don’t finish?
    • It’s ok! It’s not a race – we’ll send out the info about all the churches to everyone and celebrate on November 1st

Our Journey

We’ll start in Kannur and end in Trivandrum

Mileage Milestones:

  • Kannur – 1 mile (after 1st entry)
  • Calicut – 55 miles (55)
  • Trichur – 65 miles (120)
  • Cochin – 47 miles (167)
  • Kottayam – 36 miles (203)
  • Chenganacheri – 10 miles (213)
  • Thiruvalla – 5 miles (218)
  • Kollam – 30 miles (248)
  • Trivandrum – 32 miles (280) Finish!