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Special Missions 2019

“God Gives Growth: Watering the World”

Over the next 7 weeks you’ll get to see first hand how one special missions collection from our church in Lansing can have an impact all over the globe.  On October 28th we’ll celebrate what we were able to give and what God is able to do with our generosity. Our prayer is for everyone to give 10x what they give for their weekly tithe.

The central theme for our giving this year is WATER.  You’ll see how all of the areas that we give to are related to water.  You’ll also see this: “Neither he who plants the seed nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.”  (1 Corinthians 3:7) It’s true, we aren’t mighty. We can merely plant seeds and water. But God is mighty and he’ll use what we plant and water to bring great growth all around the world.  In Michigan, we are constantly reminded of the importance of water as our Great Lakes State keeps struggling to provide safe water for cities and schools. Our church may not be able to fix these environmental and infrastructure problems but that doesn’t mean we have nothing to offer.  Jesus told the Samaritan woman, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water.” (John 4:10) May we respond with her heart, “Give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty.” (John 4:15) And may we remember Jesus’ words in Matthew 25: “I was thirsty and you gave me drink.”  We have so much to offer the thirsty in our world! Here are the places we’ll get to impact:

Washing Sins Away in the Waters of Baptism – Lansing MI

Some of our special missions collection stays right here in our church.  For the last couple of years we’ve received funds from the Detroit Church of Christ so we could add staff because we just don’t bring in enough with our weekly contribution.  I think God wants us to be in a place of need for a season but to transition to a place of strength where we can give more than we get. He wants us to go from the dry desert to the fertile valley.  We aren’t there yet. But each special missions collection puts us in a better place to give. Pray for your church that we could often stir the waters of baptism!

Dealing With Too Much Water – Kerala India

Our sister churches in Kerala India recently experienced catastrophic flooding.  In Paul’s words, “Seven families lost everything and have to start their lives over.”  Many disciples pitched in and were able to help clear out flooded homes. Paul will be here to preach on October 14th!

In a Land of Wastewater and Wasted Idols – India

The nation of India has less access to clean water than any other nation on the planet.  Nearly half the population (or 522 million people), including some of our brothers and sisters, live in cities and towns where many get sick and even die because of contaminated water.  Our giving doesn’t change the contamination of the water but instead impacts the contamination of souls in India. Our brother Paul has asked us to join with him in praying for an end to idolatry in India, a country with Hindu idols on every corner.

HOPE Worldwide – First to the Flood – Worldwide Disaster Relief

Part of this year’s collection fulfills our obligation to HOPE worldwide.  HOPE worldwide has asked that every church in our fellowship give $52 per member per year to their general fund.  That is un-earmarked money that they can use as they see best.  It allows them to keep their operating costs low so they can solicit big givers like Walmart and the American Red Cross.  HOPE is already gearing up to be an early responder to Hurricane Florence as well as helping people all over the world every day.

Not Enough Water – Haiti, Liberia, Uganda

In Haiti, Liberia and Uganda HOPE20 provides access to clean water systems and to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  People without access to water (wells) have to walk miles to get daily water from sources that may not even be sanitary.  We’ll hear their stories and have a unique opportunity to experience life without water on tap by participating in a Water Walk.  This is something you can encourage friends to participate in and give to. (More info below.)

Planting a Church on the Great Water – Duluth MN

As Michiganders we’ve heard the words Gitche Gumee, the Ojibwa name for Lake Superior, meaning Great Water.  Did you know that our special missions from the last few years has helped to plant a church in Duluth MN, the largest city on Lake Superior?  Last year I got to visit the small church (a couple of dozen members) that meets at the local YMCA and it was awesome! This years gift will help Duluth and other small Midwest churches through the MMA (Midwest Missions Alliance).

Special Missions Dates to Remember:

  • September 16 – Special Missions Campaign Beings!
  • October 14 – Raj Paul Mojan from Coimbatore India speaking at out church
  • October 21 – Water Walk – Bring a bucket for everyone in your family.  We’ll walk to Sycamore Creek, draw water and walk back to the church to experience what it’s like to not have clean water.  We’ll pray for all of the poor in the churches we support.
  • October 28 – Special Missions Collection Celebration!  We’ll have some food and celebrate our generosity and pray for God to do greater things than we could ever imagine!