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Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram, at the southern tip of the entire nation/subcontinent of India is the capitol of the Kerala state of India. It is an ancient city and legend says that King Solomon’s ships landed here at the port of Ophir around 1000 BC.

Like the rest of Kerala, the weather is warm with average highs in the 80s or greater all year round. It is the hub of government, a center of education and a home to military bases.

From nearby beaches you can see the sun rise and set over the Indian ocean.

This temple is known as the richest Hindu temple in the world
Apartments with the Western Ghat mountain range in the background
The seat of state government
View of Technovalley, in the north western part of the city at night.
India’s silicon valley, “Technovalley” is in Trivandrum
The tension between old world and new world is always on display in India
Do you see the Domino’s Pizza?

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