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Lansing Area Church of Christ

Safe and Spirited Indoor Services Begin October 11th!

We Are An Anti-Racist Church  – We have signed an open letter aligning with Lansing Churches Organizing Against Racialized Hatred and we are taking steps to become a place that is truly welcoming to all. (We’ve got work to do!)

Coronavirus Update: Facebook.com/LansingChurch for the latest updates, encouragement, and resources. Check out our latest virtual worship service:

Some Of Our Most Recent Worship Services

How To Connect:

  • Lansingchurch.org – follow for updates
  • Update email and phone at bottom of church homepage
  • Follow 2020 Bible Vision 
  • Like Facebook.com/lansingchurch
    • Join our women’s group, men’s group, and parent’s group by sending a message to our FB page
  • Download ZOOM which we will use for prayer meetings and workshops – Allow camera and mic to be used
  • Stay connected with your house churches and friends in all the ways 
  • If you have needs, prayer requests, or want to help fill out the forms below!


God will take care of the church through this.  Your faithful generosity has been awesome!  All of our giving is online through GYVE and you are welcome to give anytime. As you know, we are not a money focused church so please be wise with your giving if you begin to face financial hardship in these times. God will protect the church so that we can help many people in many ways.  


1000 Lincoln Ave.
Lansing MI 48910

Indoor Services have resumed Sundays at 10am RSVP required (see above)
House Church (Small Groups) meet throughout the area bi-weekly

Lansing Area Church of Christ