We kick off our year long To Live Is Christ sermon theme by looking at Paul’s early life and conversion. Even the greatest disciple started out as just a baby Christian.

To Live Is Christ – 1.3.2021 – Joel Nagel

Is Paul a superhero Christian that sets an impossible example of discipleship or is God willing to use anyone who decides to live for Christ?

Saul and The Stoning Of Stephen – 1.10.2021 – Joel Nagel 

You never know who you’re going to impact if you keep speaking the truth in love.

Paul’s Pride Takes Him For A Ride – 1.17.2021 – Joel Nagel

Where is your pride taking you? We look at the difference between being curious vs. judgmental.

Ananias: A Devout Man – 1.24.2021 – Alex Bryant

It takes a Christian to make a Christian, even one so great as Paul. Check out Alex’s excellent message on an unsung hero of the bible.

Paul In Arabia – 1.31.2021 Joel Nagel

What do Moses, Elijah, Jesus and Paul all have in common? They all spent time away in the wilderness connecting with God. Maybe we should too?